How to Make a Floating Drink Holder with a Swimming Pool noodle

Are you planning a fun day at the pool and you don’t feel like getting out of the water to fetch a drink? Do you want to impress your friends with innovation during a party? The best idea is a delightful drinks holder made with a plastic container and a foam rubber tube (Pool Noodles) to make sure it is floating.

 In the end, you will only have to choose which drinks to put on!

Things you will need

Plastic container

Floating foam tubes for swimming pools (Pool Noodles)

Good quality scissors

Strong string or rope

Ten easy steps you should do

1- Bring a sturdy, transparent and large plastic container.

2- Clean it before usage. Even if you bought a new one, make sure it is completely clean before adding ice and drinks.

3- Try it out by having several cans or bottles to estimate the capacity of the container. Do not overlook the fact that you will most likely also have to add ice.

4- Choose good quality noodles to ensure that can enable the drinks holder to keep floating. Avoid using torn or old ones.

5-Measure each side of the holder and cut the pool noodle likewise. Then, cut the pool noodle into four parts. Utilize durable scissors or a sharp blade.

In the case that the holder is round, it may not be important to cut the pool noodle, just fold it around the borders.

6-Insert a long string into the pipe segments to produce a rectangular or square shape that wraps the holder firmly.

Utilize a rope or string that is solid and long enough to encompass the holder and to bring it closer when it floats too far.

7-Make a circle at the end of the string and ensure it can remain well around your finger to keep your beverages anchored.

8- Fit the floating device around the plastic holder. Then, pull the string to tighten it.

Make sure that the floating device adheres well by making a bond at the base; in this way, the rectangle does not disintegrate, therefore releasing the plastic container.

9-Do a test by putting the holder in the pool without the beverages to ensure that it floats well.

10- Fill the container with ice and drinks before putting it in the pool.

Some advice

·                     Now you have a floating drink holder, and you will always have cold beverages by your side.

·                     It is better to use only cans or plastic bottles Instead of glass.

·                     Do not forget to take the floating holder out from the pool. And, when you return to the house, empty its contents.