In nature, we sometimes find beauty amid chaos, a phenomenon amply replicated in the world of Art. For example, we see how a sea of colors and materials can harmonize to produce something as beautiful as Pablo Picasso’s Cubist Collage. This technique of art creation is so captivating that even kids with short attention span get enthralled once they begin.

Children of all ages love to have their artistic masterpieces, therefore, a paper mosaic project is a great idea! With this work of art, your kids can wow members of their Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, neighborhood – the list is endless. The framed masterpieces of a paper mosaic artwork can also adorn places in your home, such as the walls, the refrigerator door, and so on.

Here are the materials you need to get ready for a paper mosaic project.

• Construction paper

• Scissors

• Gum stick

• Ruler

• Pencil

• Colorful paper scraps

• Picture frame or wax paper

Now, let’s begin work with these simple steps!

Step 1: Cut out the construction paper 10” square or 7” by 10” rectangle and place it on a flat surface. Also, cut out the colored paper scraps into many strips of 0.9” by ½.” Now, allow your kids to cut them into similar sizes of squares, triangles, and rectangles.

Step 2: Create a margin on the construction paper with a pencil and ruler and sketch the desired image. If you have smaller kids, choose simple images, unless you have a thing for awkward paper mosaics.

Step 3: Sort the cut paper according to their colors, and choose the order or patterns you want the colors to follow. Draw a rough sketch of the arrangement you wish to have to avoids mistakes.

Step 4: Now place the cut colored paper on your sketched design and glue them. Fix the rectangles, squares, and triangles as they fit into the design. Ensure there are little to no spaces between the cut paper.

Step 5: Wait for the glue to dry.

Step 6: You have your paper mosaic ready! I bet you’ll like to hang it on your wall, so get a beautiful picture frame or hanger, fix your paper mosaic in it, and let it hang!


So here we are! I bet your kids are proud to have another work of art resting on the walls of the house or refrigerator – their very own masterpiece!