Digital Scrapbooking and Its Top Site

A lot of my friends have been asking me recently about my digital scrapbooking hobby, so I decided it was high time to write a blog about it.

Digital scrapbooking is something of a recent phenomenon (well, as recent as personal computers, at least — though my suspicion is that there was a big upswing upon advent of the spread of phones and tablets). It’s such a niche hobby though, with not a lot of money in it, so there’s not exactly a heap of data available.

I myself have only been scrapbooking digitally for about three years now. But I love it, and my love for it only grows with time. I’m going to go ahead and mention them right now, because I love them so much, but for anyone searching who is looking for the place to go for digital scrapbooking, it’s, without a doubt. And if you’re new to the craft, they have this fantastic article called What is Digital Scrapbooking? that will get you going and inform you better than my brief blurb here. So head on over once you finish with mine. I love them, and hit their site almost every day.

But okay, back to digital scrapbooking.

It’s a weird hobby to have — when someone at a party asks you what you like to do for fun, and you say digital scrapbooking, it doesn’t exactly make you the coolest person in the room. And it has the interesting place of being a hobby that the person who asks will almost certainly never have heard about, but once you name it they’ll instantly have some idea of what you’re talking about.

“Ah, yeah, so scrapbooking, but like digitally?”


Scrapbooking, but like digitally. Basically that means you and a computer, some kind of software like Gimp or Photoshop, your photos, and a bunch of graphics that are digital representatives or stand ins for papers, word art, pocket cards — you name it. If you had it in physical, paper scrapbooking there’s probably an equivalent in digital.

And we get it. Giving up paper is hard. The vast majority of readers in the world dropped dead when the Kindle was invented — change is hard, and in many ways paper can never be fully replaced.

But the convenience is unreal. For anybody who travels, lives overseas, or simply lives minimally, digital scrapbooking is the dream come true for your creative crafty hobby.

It’s now with you, all the time, right on your computer. Heck, on your phone or tablet these days. You can scrapbook while in line for your coffee order. Now tell me that’s not a boon?

So there you have my brief blurb — sorry it’s so rambly. But if you read me regularly you’re used to it.

Anyways, in a nutshell — it’s scrapbooking, but digital. It has all the same components (but again, they’re digital), and so while you can’t feel it between your fingers, you can take it everywhere with you, and that’s pretty damn sweet.

(And I freaking love Pixel Scrapper — they’ll give you 5 free downloads every day! And for commercial use with a brilliant commercial use license!)