Little Paper Octopus for Kids

Crafting with paper continues to be a very easy – and also very cheap! – activity for kids who are into crafting. Most kids go over the moon when they get the chance to create different kinds of paper crafts, and it’s truly adorable to watch them when they do it. And it’s especially true when they get the opportunity to play throughout the day with the things they make!

Another great thing about paper crafts is that they don’t have to be regulated to only being played with, but they can be beautiful decorations as well! Some children will enjoy hanging the crafts they make on the walls of their rooms, or maybe on a dresser. It gives them joy to see something that they got to make, actually hung up somewhere to be seen.

Children love animals and always want to have them as pets. Unfortunately, some of these animals are wild and can’t be gotten as a pet. The good news, however, is that they can be made as crafts. It’s exciting for your children when they can create what they have seen in the museum, zoo, or music studio.

Here are some materials needed to get you started on your next papercraft project!

• Paper

• Colored cardboards or paper

• Scissors to cut

• Glue and texta pens

• Watercolor.

Check the Process Out!

1. Getting Ready

When making any art and craft, the first step is to make sure you have all your materials ready.

2. Work on Your Tubes

Use toilet roll tubes or get a thick card paper and create a long tube. The length should be about two toilet roll tubes long. With a ruler, mark out eight rectangles at a quarter of the total length. This should be done at one end to serve as the limbs of an Octopus. Now, carefully cut the rectangles at both ends.

3. Paint

Pick up your watercolor and brush and paint your tubes and the limbs with your favorite color.

4. Fix the Eyes

An octopus has a pair of big eyes. Get pieces of black and white papers, cut two small circles. Make the white circles twice as big as the black ones, then fix each black circle on the white with a glue. You can now fix those eyes to your painted tubes with a glue.

You can also place smaller eyes could on the limbs – a pair arranged vertically. This can add more beauty to the artwork and bear a closer resemblance to an Octopus.

5. Make the Mouth

The mouth is one of the simplest aspects you will do on your octopus. However, you may need to guide your kids. With your texta pen, draw the mouth below the eyes. A happy smiley face would suffice.

Now your kids can play with their paper Octopus while you educate them about the beautiful creature.