How to upholster a chair and choose the suitable fabric

Removing the old upholstery and replacing it can bring the old chairs back to life. New upholstery is a perfect way to make sure that the old chairs are still matching a new room.

Of course, you will need new upholstery for the chairs and the sofas, From time to time. In addition, the renewal is very important to feel comfortable.

The tools and steps you are going to need if you want to start the upholstery:

Use a staple remover. A tool serves to remove staples from upholstery.

It is available online or in specialized stores.

Remove tacks, pins and any other sharp object. and then put them in a plastic bag to throw them away to avoid any injuries.

Use pliers to take off the staples so, turn it slightly while pulling to remove it from the wood. Continue until you remove them all.

Lift the fabric from the seat, backrest, and armrests.

Mark the fabric with letters to show where you removed it. So, it will be easy when you have to make the same shapes as the same size.

Drawing a pattern of the chair relative to the panels you remove will help you. so you can match the letter or number to each piece.

Take note of folds, fins. So you know how to reproduce them when you create new parts.

If you want to keep the padding, lift it slightly.

Try to keep it intact and do not break it.

Cut the padding that glued to the chair. Use a knife with a long blade like a pocketknife. Pass it along the gluing and cut as precisely as possible.

Check the base of the chair to know if it needs some fixes or not.

Repair is something you cannot absolutely avoid. otherwise, you risk breaking in the future.

How to choose the appropriate fabric:

The fabric must be resistant to withstand continuous use like

Cotton: the heavy one is suitable for home use.

Linen: A resistant fabric can withstand light to medium use.

Jacquard: it is a mix of cotton with synthetic like nylon or polyester for reinforcement. It can bear various levels of use.

Leather:  it is resistant to water and strong.  It is not suitable for hot places.

Velvet: strong and soft, it lasts a long time. But it is laborious to clean.

Measure the new fabric.

Use the old fabric to make the new ones. Simply place each piece of old fabric on the new fabric and using chalk to mark the new cloth, so to be easy to cut it.

After that cut the fabrics and make sure that all the measurements are correct.

Replace the fabrics where you removed them.

Use a stapler to put the new fabrics and keep the new fabric in shape. Pull so that you can’t find any creases.

Now you have a new chair. Enjoy it.