Make beautiful decoration using old bottles and jars

We usually throw bottles or jars. So, we do not know how to make them useful.

We will teach you how to make wonderful items to decorate your house. At the lowest possible cost by some bottles and jars, that we often dump in the garbage.

We will introduce some simple and inexpensive ideas for you to renew your house. Above all, certainly, the others will admire your house.

Tools and the materials needed:



First, wash the bottles, and then dry them well.

Secondly, cover the table with newspaper papers or any unused cloth.

Put the bottles on the table and spray them

After finishing, wait until the spray dries completely.

Put some roses in the bottles.

Now you have beautiful vases as shown in the following picture.

Some ideas:

You can put the plant in a broken bottle and get a beautiful vase.

Use empty, colored bottles and put the flowers inside them. Or keep them as they are to show something graceful inside. They could be sands, pebbles, twigs, white snails.

Mix some colored threads and wrap them around the bottle. In addition, you can put the lighting inside.

Use a bottle or jar as a bird feeder. So, put it on the window and enjoy watching the birds.

Glass has the characteristic of hardness and resistance. We can use bottles to build a fence inside the garden of the house. In addition, put light on it.

Bottles are easy to use it to delimit the paths in the garden or pot holders of the vegetable garden.

Use jars to decorate your house

First idea: Make a beautiful chandelier from jars



Electrical wires.


Perforated metal rings.


Make a small hole in the jar’s cover to pass the electrical wire and make sure not to enlarge the hole so as not to drop the jar.

Pass the electrical wire. Then Install the lamb in the cover.

Close the jars with their own cover.

Hang the jars and make the wires in different lengths to get a beautiful chandelier.

After that, turn the bulbs on.

The second idea:

You can color the jars and use them to put small things inside, like buttons. In addition, you can use them in the bathroom and the kitchen to put whatever you want Inside them.


First, paint the jars in different colors

Secondly, Write on them or paint to make them beautiful.

Now you have a lot of jars with many of the labels you want.

You will get what you want easily ,Also save time and effort.